Secrets of Rio de Janeiro: How to Survive in Brazil In the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics Games – Best How-to’s from locals to fellow foreigners.

Might you the 2016 Brazilian Olympics or Paralympics? Are you currently worried about your safety, or unsure how to get around Rio and speak with locals? Would you like to know where’s save to eat or save to hangout? Can i get taxi or bus? Apps that will assist you around? Or you would like to discover ways to enjoy like a local?

Certainly, you will need to have a very fantastic experience, as Four years is a very long time to wait for the next world-class event to occur. Thankfully, Liege Neves, an enthusiastic world traveler and Brazilian writer, has been evolving the Brazilian travel game august together with her new ebook, How to Survive in Brazil through the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics Games – Best Tricks and tips from locals to fellow foreigners.

This ebook comes with a comprehensive guide for foreigners traveling to Brazil for that Summer Olympics and Paralympics. It addresses Brazilian culture, security, regional customs, transportation, food, health problems and the peculiarities in the host city that can’t be present in typical tour books (special insights from locals about the city).This eBook isn’t the same boring travel guide with generic suggestions and tips. How you can Survive in Brazil during the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics Games may be the author’s method of ensuring that tourists will like the Rio Olympics, with tips from people that live here, whilst immersing themselves inside the rich culture that Rio and yet another host cities are offering.

With north of 15,000 athletes from over 190 countries, twenty-five thousand media personnel, 70,000 volunteers, and an incredible number of Brazilians, this eBook, is an essential help guide to the more than more than 200 thousand tourists likely to visit Rio de Janeiro come july 1st. Driven by a few negative past experiences in their travels to europe, Neves provides insider tips that will enable tourists to seriously take advantage of the games, while staying safe and respecting cultural diversity. The publication offers interactive media for tourists to help them feel both at home and feel the best that Brazil, plus much more specifically Rio, can give. The information will be delivered through easy-to-follow guidebooks and personable interactive videos. Neves, provides essential information about local routes to search, safe accommodations and feel the local culture and cuisine, and tricks to cut costs and prevent scams.

Liege Neves can be a Brazilian lecturer, writer and entrepreneur. A powerful sense of adventure drove Neves to go out of home with the age of seventeen using a need to learn various cultures on the planet while bettering herself. After touring forty-five countries, six ones she lived in, Liege now helps tourists save money on the street, live as being a local and truly connect to the world’s beautifully diverse cultures. Currently, Liege provides internet marketing consulting while taking care of her “Traveling the World” project, through which she teaches people the best way to live unique experiences in their travels. She is also an advocate of her native Brazilian culture and its unique characteristics and is ecstatic to share the information she’s acquired throughout her lifetime with tourists planing a trip to Brazil to the Rio Olympics and Paralympics.

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