Ulthera – The Most recent Anti Aging Face Lift

Ulthera is the first aesthetics device to blend ultrasound imaging with focused ultrasound energy for non-invasive skin lifting. The ultrasound enables visualization of tissue under the outside of the skin and Ulthera will be the first and only non-surgical procedure to be able to focus energy at prescribed levels. This gives significant lifting of skin tissue while leaving the most notable layers such as the epidermis completely unaffected.

Among the key top features of Ulthera could it be actually triggers your body’s healing response which results in regenerated supportive collagen fibres – gradually lifting and tightening skin tissue as time passes. In clinical studies, 89 percent of patients have noted lifting, tightening and firming within the eyes, general face area, neck, cheeks and along the jaw line. On the 90-day period, skin represents a noticeably refreshed appearance that can last for 10 months up to and including year following the first treatment.

“Ulthera is suitable for everybody since the treatment stimulates collagen and makes you look more refreshed. After Ulthera, you’re going to get a much more defined jaw line, your lines is certain to get pulled up and collagen stimulated inside your skin. In fact, Ulthera forces you to look five-years younger!”

Course of treatment: Numbing cream is first applied and left on for twenty five minutes. This is then wiped off plus a cold gel spread liberally over my cheeks into my neck. Employing a handheld device, Dr Loh fired shots section-by-section around my cheeks into my jaw. He dedicated to my jaw line and chin to firm those areas and in addition applied some shots within temple for my crows’ feet and also to lift my eyes.

Ulthera’s ultrasound energy felt like an electrical machine stitching my skin from deep within. Some parts, especially across the bony areas like cheekbones and temples, felt more sensitive. To ease this, I gritted my teeth and focused my thoughts on looking five-years younger.

Results: My face felt really tight after the Ulthera treatment so when I attempted to smile, my lower face, where Dr Loh focused the ultrasound energy, felt stretched. There was clearly some mild redness which disappeared in 30 minutes and also the tight feeling also wore away immediately after.

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