Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

So, who exactly is definitely an entrepreneur, which are the qualities associated with an entrepreneur?… well Wikipedia says, “An entrepreneur is often a individual who has possession of a brand new enterprise, venture or idea and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and also the outcome”… umm… okay on the other hand would prefer to say, that an ideal entrepreneur can be a individual that guides a manpower as a way to apply a concept(is irrelevant if it is his or someone else and whether it is new or old) to satisfy people who need the benefits manufactured by it, which ends up in financial outcomes or profits.

So the basic characteristics or qualities of an entrepreneur could be:
– They should have a concept (again, inspite of who originally considered it and whether it be new or old).
– She or he needs to have the motivation/urge to pursue or apply the idea.
– He / she should have access to manpower or a chance to make manpower available to him (marketing skills apply here).
– He or she needs to be a great leader.

However, there are more types of people too who have some or many of the previously referred to qualities; but we don’t refer to them as Entrepreneur. An illustration of this this type of individual can be quite a scientist. Scientists have ideas or, quite simply, they could actually create ideas. They’re excited or motivated about pursuing their ideas with out doubt, they’re good leaders too and they, without a doubt gain access to at least minimal manpower (No, most scientists do not work in solitude as shown in movies like Robin Williams’ Flubber or Frankenstein, they’ve got at the very least 2-10 people working under them as junior scientists). But then let’s quickly call a scientist a business person too? Is he the best for the above definition?… something to think about huh?

And just how in regards to a dictator? He’s got their own or borrowed ideas, He really wants to apply them, he’s use of man power, can guide them adequately… in reality, they will do just about everything he wants. So, does that mean, a dictator is definitely an entrepreneur or, an entrepreneur is really a dictator!!

Dee Byrd is really a computer engineer. He has been Technical Reason for Contact for government contracts worth more than one million dollars. Dee Byrd discusses issues including management of your capital I . t . and go to name a few. He is neither an economic adviser nor do he really wants to be. He does not have got all from the answers, but he could be happy to research and find out the wide ranging solutions to issues he feels we as common people face.

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