10 Rules for Safe Sex and Dating

I firmly believe if you are tall enough to date you are of sufficient age to talk about sex. Folks who wants speak about sex using the body else; you are not tall enough or mature enough to become engaging in sex. Underneath are my 10 Rules for Safe Sex.

10 Rules for Safe Sex

1. Women and men always practice safe sex.

2. Women don’t be shy…get your own condoms and have the guy for their services.

3. Before participating in oral sex or intercourse ask the individual to obtain an HIV/AIDS test and allow you to get tested too. Play show and tell and exchange medical reports.

4. Educate yourself in regards to the latest STDs. Tend not to are based upon outdated information or gossip. Have the facts from a doctor or reputable website.

5. Remember you can’t look and see all STDs.

6. DO NOT PLAY Russian Roulette using your life.

7. When you have an STD be careful and tell your potential partner. Sometimes, it is a crime never to disclose that information and infect someone.

8. Tend not to trust an unsafe situation.

9. Don’t let yourself be coerced into performing sex acts that you are uncomfortable starting.

10. ENJOY you are who are old enough to become accountable for YOUR sexual health!!

Online dating and meeting people may be exhilarating. However, never compromise your overall health and safety because you do not want to offend someone. Anybody that continues to be involved in dating online knows those items stated earlier are normal sense and he or she will never be offended. If it individual is offended, hear your vibration and run!

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