7 ways to increase soil fertility

Each and every gardener and cultivator is faced with the problem of low yields sooner or later. This happens despite the use of the same quality seeds and seedlings, despite the excellent care and beneficial weather. The fault of very poor productivity in this case may be the impoverishment of the soil, that’s experiencing a deficiency associated with useful minerals as well as salts. In order, as before, to enjoy the outcomes of your labor and also to make a profit from the site, it is necessary to increase your fertility of the dirt.

This can be done only through knowing its structure. Otherwise, there is a high-risk of harming a lot more by oversaturation of the garden soil with elements that aren’t in short supply. To avoid problems, you need to order dirt analysis from an unbiased chemical laboratory. Today let’s return to the issue of what methods enables you to effectively increase dirt fertility.

Organization involving crop rotation

Correct crop rotation is very important to improve yields. If you constantly plant once-a-year crops in the same place, the soil is depleted, their chemical characteristics modify, and fertility reduces. For example, planting clothing in one place leads to extreme soil oxidation. Based on the rules of crop rotation, annual crops should be planted in the earlier place with an interval of 4-5 years.


You can increase soil virility by sowing therapeutic plants. This method is called “phytomelioration” and is very popular along with experienced farmers.

These have a good effect normally made available – – –
– culture:
– marigolds;
– legumes;
– radish;
– rapeseed;
– garlic cloves;
– mustard;
– shepherd’s bag;
– calendula;
– rape.

Natural fertilizers displace unwanted weeds due to their rapid growth. Some of the crops on the list drive away pests and kill nematodes.

California worms for vermicompost

If the analysis of the soil established that it is depleted, you’ll be able to increase its sperm count with the help of California viruses. Californian red earthworms, called earthworms, are fantastic organic fertilizers. California worms are able to process any kind of organic matter, while they live a long time. You can propagate raincoats on your own plot in a composter, obtaining high-quality fertilizer for free.

High temperature treatment of soil

This technique is relevant mainly pertaining to greenhouses and greenhouses. The disadvantage of hot is the inability to method a large area, however for a small area it is very effective. In the process of warmth treatment, pests and also weed root techniques are destroyed. An alternative choice to time-consuming steaming is stubble using, which can also be performed on large job areas.

Use of organic plant foods

You can increase the male fertility of the soil inside the old old-fashioned way by simply mixing ash, compost, manure and other organic and natural fertilizers into it. Using this method does not require material charges, but effectively reinstates depleted soil.

Mixed fit

The heart and soul of this method lies in the proximity with the main culture along with companion plants. Pretty good “companions” are spicy herbal products, among which dill, parsley, mint, coriander, and caraway aren’t less necessary up for grabs. As a result of mixed sowing, the incidence with the main crops will be reduced, their development and fruit taste are improved.


If your analysis of the soil is unsatisfactory, you can increase its fertility by simply sowing green plant foods. Siderata are green fertilizer that are grown regarding subsequent incorporation to the soil. Thanks to this process, the growth of weeds is inhibited, our planet is enriched with nitrogen, protein, starch. Siderata are usually plowed into the soil prior to flowering or immediately after it.

When having a new plot, the particular farmer does not have in mind the characteristics of the garden soil. In order not to make mistakes and not be left with no crop, take soil samples and deliver them to an independent clinical, where experienced specialists will conduct a comprehensive agrochemical analysis.

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