Funny Pics – More Than For the Lulz

Funny images on the web are almost as known as that other stuff that you always clear your cookies for and is also most assuredly not safe for work. There exists a good chance the first image you ever saw on the internet could be called funny; or least attempted to be funny. Bed not the culprit it different today at the time the online world first started entering homes around the globe?

The favourite funny pics today are undoubtedly lolcat images, which combine word captions (in this case conveying emotion or conversation) and lovable kitties. The lolcat images are really an evolution of humor’s existence on the net. The very first popular image macros (itself a reference to a user-defined “macro” inserting itself onto a picture) were born in the forums of Something Awful. Around 2005 the 4chan imageboard featured a once weekly entry of “Caturdays,” a predecessor on the now infamous lolcat images. From then until 2007 lolcats floated in the public’s general radar until commercial efforts brought lolcats to the forefront in the web.

Another staple of today’s funny pic genre will be the motivational poster parodies. You can even see these identified as demotivational posters or demotivators. This meme’s popularity also owes it’s roots to 4chan and it is / meme generator / board. The premise is easy enough; take a perception which often can have obvious humorous attributes or none whatsoever, put in a keyword and then complete the look which has a sentence to add in the punch-line. Here’s a good example: A poster-like image features a picture of your wooden fence that has a sign that reads “Electric Fence.” The keyword printed in a huge bold script reads “Intelligence,” as well as the punch-line written here is “If anyone lets you know which you have some, these are lying or they hate you.”

The appeal and recognition in the motivational poster parodies is the easy access for any individual to produce one. Many websites feature programs that will help to automatically make your appearance of a motivational poster, together with the user only being forced to apply the image and wording.

That essentially raises the well-versed funny pics from the internet; the photoshops. Requiring why not a little more skill and patience than lolcats and demotivators, photoshops are actually sky’s the limit with regards to humor. Something Awful (with it’s Photoshop Phridays) and Fark have hosted photoshop contests and events for several years. The basic premise behinds these is always to make a theme or idea for entrants to follow; one example is “Product Placements,” which could combine ordinary or well-known settings with unexpected product placements (ie: Coca-Cola armband on Hitler at the Nazi rally). Sometimes combining in-jokes, cliches or pre-existing memes the humor behind these imaginative creations might be lost on somebody who is comparatively not used to the net or is unacquainted with it’s underlying repetitive jokes. The photoshops that can combine those in-jokes with universal appeal are have a tendency to find their way into your e-mail box next to the 10 Worst Pick-Up Lines that the mom sent you.

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