Bazrameet: An initiative spreading awareness about mental health while using the Egyptian slang

With this era of life, the Egyptian and Arab human population are witnessing multiple psychological pressures because upshot of the several economic and political turbulences representing the current status-co. In response to this case, several Egyptian youth launched an initiative called Bazrameet to spread the notice regarding the mental health. The initiative is adopting a fairly easy and smooth modulation of voice while using Egyptian slang to get a bigger outreach and have a wider influence on the youth.
Bazrameet initiative is planning to spread the notice regarding the mental and psychological health to help enjoy good emotional and behavioral levels, and give these to lead a flexible life that balances its different aspects and activities.

Figures from your World Health Organization show about half on the planet population is affected with a mental illness that affects themselves respect in addition to their work capacity in daily life. Greater than 1.5 million depression patients exist in Egypt, and here comes a huge role for the initiative.
The initiative is dependant on the fact the mental health affects the individual’s health directly and causes multiple other concerns like drugs’ addiction. Maintaining a great psychological health level is important to steer an efficient and fruitful life, and that’s what the society needs.
The initiative was named Bazrameet to describe the current psychological health situation in Egypt. The word comes from french word “Bizarre”, meaning “Strange” in English, to convey the misconceptions many people have about psychological health. The initiative role may be to correct these conceptions.
Three goals Bazrameet is attempting to achieve: Increasing awareness about psychological health through explaining the several mental disorders in a easy-to-digest scientific method; helping people that are afflicted by disorders like depression, anxiety, stress as well as the three personality disorders; and providing guidance towards the family and friends supporting persons with mental disorders and psychological problems.
The initiative depends on to become a scientific content that serves the three goals in a attractive and simple technique provides the information easily towards the audience through its Website. This content will probably be also employed to create an interactive community about the social media marketing. Bazrameet shall launch its activities during May in collaboration with specialized entities from the areas of psychological and group therapy.

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