Peshtemal Towels: New, Hot and stylish multi-use towels, where and how to buy them in Bulk?

Pestemal towel may be the authentic and traditional Turkish small towel that is certainly usually hand woven generating in cotton, linen or from time to time during silk. These kinds of towels can be bought in varied texture, colour, weight and also designs.

The gap from your normal small towel and Pestemal towel is that it is very large and will come in almost 70 by 40 inches. Although bigger in proportions this can be compact and weight, you can take it along whilst you happen to be travelling.

These are produced in the textile towns in Turkey, as an example Bursa, Usak etc…. Exactly like other benefits, this peshtemal towel also enables you to with simple and simple cleaning option. You can machine wash this towel plus it does not take much space in your machine also for wash or drying.

Peshtemal towels can also known as Hamam or Hammam towels, Turkish Towels, Pestemal, fouta or kikoy towels. No matter what it is called these are awesome and useful Bulk Pestemal Towels. You can multi-use them as beach towel, bathroom towel, swaddle, yoga or sport towel, home decoration or kitchen towel ..etc….

Peshtemal towels are easy to carry, absorbent and fast dry.

This can be the number one question about where you should buy Wholesale Turkish Towels (Pestemal Hammam Towels, peshtemal beach towels) to your store or perhaps your online shop.

There are handful of online wholesalers selling Peshtemal Turkish towels, even so the trick is who can become your best partner and is serve you better in terms of long lasting support, cool product development, quality.

There are so many famous towel manufacturers in Turkey, Ofer International ( is probably the largest Peshtemal Towel manufacturers. Turkish towels come in a variety of colours, designs, and also sizes what type may select from around the respective web store. There aren’t many designs and quality that are Anatolia Peshtemal, Kasikci Peshtemal and many more which are soft and comfy. With top quality products customers are satisfied thereby order over and over again.
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